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Cognex Q1 sales up 18%, but signs of growth slowing

06 May 2022

Robert Willett, Cognex CEO, said: 'We are currently hearing from customers that automation projects are taking longer to deploy... because of supply chain challenges'

Credit: Basler

Basler to acquire French distributor i2S

04 May 2022

Basler will purchase a 25.1 per cent stake in i2S on 1 July, and the remaining stake on 1 July 2024

Credit: IDS and Sewts

Robots get to grips with laundry automation

25 April 2022

German start-up Sewts has built a robot cell to automate the process of loading industrial laundry folding machines

Credit: TriEye

Toshiba Teli and TriEye launch SWIR CMOS camera

25 April 2022

TriEye’s Raven SWIR sensor provides HD resolution with a 7µm pixel pitch, and is sensitive over a wavelength range of 0.4µm to 1.6µm

Credit: SWIR Vision Systems

SWIR Vision announces long-range 3D depth sensing

08 April 2022

SWIR Vision Systems is targeting lidar with sub-5 nanosecond sensor response times in its colloidal quantum dot infrared sensors

The system assesses different parts, like these two generators. Credit: Fraunhofer IPK/Larissa Klassen

Stereo scan and AI returns used car parts into service

01 April 2022

A project to scan used car parts to identify those that can be reused is underway. The EIBA project is based on 3D stereo cameras and AI

The lab-based prototype lidar system that the research team built captures megapixel-resolution depth maps using a commercial digital camera. (Image credit: Andrew Brodhead)

New modulator adds time-of-flight to any sensor

31 March 2022

Stanford University researchers say its megahertz modulator could enable megapixel-resolution lidar at a low cost

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Basler and Stemmer up 26% in 2021 despite supply issues

31 March 2022

Both companies expect supply bottlenecks to continue into this year, but are predicting growth nonetheless

Credit: Optronis

Optronis to show semiconductor streak camera in Munich

31 March 2022

Optronis says the semiconductor-based S3C-1 streak camera is a world-first, and will open up applications in plasma research, detonics and microfluidics

From left: Daniel Seiler, CTO André Kasper, and founder Michael Wandelt

Daniel Seiler named CEO of Automation Technology

30 March 2022

Daniel Seiler takes over from co-founder Michael Wandelt, who steps down after 24 years in role

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Datalogic buys AI firm Pekat Vision for €16m

24 March 2022

Czech start-up, Pekat, has developed machine learning and deep learning algorithms to automate processes in manufacturing, transport, and logistics

Lab setup demonstrating the MWIR 3D measurement principle. Credit: Fraunhofer IOF

Thermographic 3D sensor gives robots view of glass

23 March 2022

The 3D sensor developed by scientists at Fraunhofer IOF combines a CO2 laser with two thermal cameras