20 October 2016

Measuring plant growth with infrared cameras and a low-cost hyperspectral image sensor were two of the projects recognised by Edmund Optics in its 2016 Educational Awards

18 October 2016

French vision sensor company, Chronocam, has been selected as the most promising start-up at the investment conference Inpho Venture Summit

14 October 2016

A trial monitoring the health of psychiatric patients with camera technology has taken place at Broadmoor High Secure Psychiatric Hospital in the UK

11 October 2016

A book of human anatomy made up of holographic 3D images has been created in a joint collaboration between 3D visualisation company Holoxica and Professor Gordon Findlater at the University of Edinburgh

11 October 2016

Farmers could soon diagnose crop diseases using their smartphones thanks to a deep learning algorithm developed by scientists from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Penn State University

11 October 2016

A research team at the the California Institute of Technology is developing a cost-effective noise cancelling camera that counteracts glare in an image

11 October 2016

The Alan Turing Institute in the UK has been awarded $5 million worth of Microsoft Azure cloud computing credits to support its research into data science, including computer vision

04 October 2016

Researchers at MIT are currently designing an imaging system that is able to read closed books using a camera that emits terahertz radiation

04 October 2016

A 4 million euro Horizon 2020 project has begun that aims to improve the performance of embedded image processing applications

03 October 2016

Thermal imaging giant, Flir Systems, has acquired Point Grey Research for $253 million in cash

29 September 2016

IBM Research and MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences have set up a joint laboratory to advance the field of computer vision

27 September 2016

A $24 million imaging centre has been set up in the United States to further advances in imaging science



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