Imec researchers on-board the parabolic flight. Credit Imec

Imec scientists reach zero-G to test lens-free imaging

12 January 2022

Imec showed that its lens-free imaging for blood cell imaging could operate in microgravity and could be used for diagnostic testing of astronauts

David Dechow

David Dechow joins Landing AI as VP of vision tech

12 January 2022

Dechow's 35 years of experience in machine vision will enhance Landing AI’s mission of bringing deep learning-based inspection to manufacturing

Eyeonic vision chip. Credit: SiLC Technologies

SiLC targets robot guidance with chip-scale lidar

20 December 2021

SiLC announced a collaboration with Hokuyo Automatic to develop 4D lidar solutions for industrial and robot applications

From left: Chong Yoon Foo (Basler), Hyunki Cho (Datvision), Kim Jonghwan (Iovis), Dr Dietmar Ley (Basler). Credit: Basler

Basler acquires Korean sales partners

20 December 2021

The purchase of Datvision and Iovis follows Basler's acquisition of MVLZ in China in 2018 to give Basler a direct route to market in these regions

Images taken with STMicroelectronics' 940nm NIR Quantum Film sensor (top left) and with its 1,400nm SWIR QF sensor (bottom left). Corresponding images taken using a visible smartphone camera (right). The QF NIR image shows better contrast between black electrical wires hidden in the dark green leaves, and tree trunks and branches hidden in front of the dark wood fence. The SWIR QF image shows how effective it is to use SWIR imaging to see through a silicon wafer. Credit: STMicroelectronics

ST's quantum dot sensor set for volume SWIR imaging

15 December 2021

STMicroelectronics presented a quantum dot shortwave infrared sensor, with a 1.62µm pixel pitch and QE of 60 per cent, at the International Electronic Devices Meeting

Image: University of Glasgow / Quantic

Researchers achieve 3D imaging through single optical fibre

10 December 2021

Scientists have built a time-of-flight imager from a single optical fibre, while a group in the US has developed a camera the size of a grain of salt

Image: Prophesee

Tracking space debris among projects by event-based inventors

07 December 2021

Prophesee has highlighted development work using neuromorphic sensing with the launch of its Inventors Community

Image: Photoneo

Photoneo raises $21m for Brightpick logistics automation

07 December 2021

The 3D imaging firm has announced a new business unit, called Brightpick, which provides automation systems for warehouses based on autonomous mobile robots

Image: Deep Detection

Deep Detection raises €1m to launch X-ray QC tech

18 November 2021

Founded in July 2020, Deep Detection is a spin-out from the Institute de Fisica d’Altes Energie in Barcelona. It will target the food sector initially

Image: Bill45/

Robot vision installed to handle teacups

17 November 2021

An Italian porcelain manufacturer has automated production of its teacups with a vision-guided pick-and-place system

Image: Teledyne Flir

Project to assess thermal imaging for self-driving trucks

11 November 2021

Plus, a provider of technology for self-driving trucks, will explore adding Teledyne Flir's thermal cameras into its sensor stack for level 4 autonomous driving


Vision firms battle with soaring bookings

11 November 2021

Basler's bookings are up 85 per cent over the first nine months of the year, while Stemmer Imaging's order intake is up 49.1 per cent