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Cognex tops $1bn in 2021, with logistics biggest market

18 February 2022

Cognex's revenue in 2021 was $1.037 billion, up 28 per cent over 2020 and 43 per cent over 2019. Logistics grew by 65 per cent year-on-year


Arrival of ST and Sony to transform SWIR market, Yole says

17 February 2022

Shortwave infrared imaging in the automotive and consumer sectors could generate $21m and $3.2bn respectively by 2027, according to Yole Développement

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NLight acquires Plasmo for weld inspection tech

15 February 2022

NLight's Jake Bell: ‘Combining lasers with Plasmo’s real-time process monitoring provides... advantages to develop, qualify and produce laser-printed or welded parts.'

Image: Basler

Basler first vision firm to join 5G Alliance

01 February 2022

Basler's René von Fintel said: ‘We are convinced that 5G will be an important building block in the further development of Industry 4.0 communication and IoT or IIoT connectivity.'

Face expression reading based on MLP classification from 3D depth maps and 2D images obtained by NIR-LFC. Credit: KAIST

Light-field camera plus VCSEL spots smile from frown

27 January 2022

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have optimised 3D light-field image reconstruction of faces using a VCSEL light source


China gained market share in thermography in 2020, EPIC finds

27 January 2022

Sales of thermography units rose by 426 per cent from 2019 to 2020, according to the European Photonics Industry Consortium. Chinese market share increased from 15 to 63 per cent

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Owl's 3D thermal imaging tech raises $15m

25 January 2022

Owl's thermal ranging technology was initially designed to track missiles, but has been adapted for driver assistance systems to detect pedestrians

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Hitachi to use TriEye SWIR tech for driver assistance

20 January 2022

TriEye's Sedar system provides both HD SWIR imaging and 3D. The firm raised $74m for its technology late last year

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Work to begin on camera API standard

19 January 2022

Khronos and EMVA have formed a working group to develop an open API standard for camera control to improve interoperability

DeGould's Auto-compact inspection system. Credit: DeGould and Sony

Drive-through 61MP vision checks Range Rovers for dents

19 January 2022

Jaguar Land Rover's Solihull plant employs an inspection system made by DeGould incorporating arch lighting, AI, and 61-megapixel Sony cameras

Image: Dairy Distillery and Pleora

Milk vodka distiller's labelling 100% proof with vision

18 January 2022

Ontario-based Dairy Distillery, which turns dairy by-products into vodka, has installed machine vision to add decision support to its labelling process

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Emberion raises €6m for SWIR nanomaterial imager production

12 January 2022

Jyrki Rosenberg, CEO of Emberion: 'We are disrupting multiple imaging markets by extending the wavelength range at a significantly more affordable cost.'