Wildfires in the Amazon rainforest. Credit: lavizzara/

Hyperspectral remote sensing to be added to ISS lab

09 August 2022

The hyperspectral payload will be built by Metaspectral and HySpeed, and will use data compression and machine learning to overcome bandwidth constraints when downlinking the image data

Image: Martial Red/

Saccade Vision makes major sale for metalwork inspection

04 August 2022

Saccade Vision and its partner Euclid Labs developed the 3D vision system to inspect metalwork after processing

Credit: Basler

Basler hits 1,000 employees in H1 of 2022

04 August 2022

Basler’s sales have increased by 14 per cent year-on-year to €130.8 million in the first half of 2022

Image: whiteMocca/

Cognex loses $44.9m of stock in fire at Indonesia plant

03 August 2022

There were no injuries from the fire and no significant damage to the production floor and equipment, but a large portion of the company’s component inventory was destroyed

Aeva’s Aeries II lidar module. Credit: Aeva

Sick to bring Aeva 4D lidar to industrial sensing

03 August 2022

Aeva’s Aeries II frequency modulated continuous wave lidar module has a sensing range of up to 500 metres, and is able to measure velocity for each pixel

Credit: Yurui Qu and Soongyu Yi

Multimodal sensors promise better vision for machines

28 July 2022

Researchers have demonstrated how a nanostructured spectrometer and nanowires that can detect the angle of light can be fabricated on image sensors

Credit: Artilux and II-VI

SWIR 3D camera launched for metaverse

27 July 2022

The camera combines Artilux’s GeSi sensor arrays with II-VI’s indium phosphide semiconductor lasers

Image: Martial Red/

Covision joins Nvidia Metropolis for vision AI developers

27 July 2022

Franz Tschimben, Covision Quality: ‘We expect that Nvidia Metropolis... will give us a boost in our go-to-market efforts and support us in connecting to customers.'

Image: Martial Red/

TKH gains stereo vision with Nerian acquisition

25 July 2022

Nerian will join the group of machine vision companies of TKH Vision, which includes Allied Vision, Chromasens, LMI, Mikrotron, Net, SVS-Vistek and Tattile

Credit: Space

Teledyne releases large-array camera for astronomy

21 July 2022

The Cosmos camera, shown at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, has an 81 x 81mm imaging area

Dr Mario Giardini from the University of Strathclyde testing the technology. Credit: University of Strathclyde

Low-cost stereovision to transform eye disease diagnostics

19 July 2022

The imager, developed by researchers at the University of Strathclyde, is an add-on to a slit lamp, equipment commonly used by optometrists

Credit: Jochem Herrmann

Jochem Herrmann retires 30 years after founding Adimec

18 July 2022

Herrmann was also president of the European Machine Vision Association from 2015 to 2019