A touch-screen on the arm of your sofa

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated how touch-screen interfaces incorporating depth cameras and projectors can be created 'almost at will, with the wave of a hand'

Computer vision to speed police investigations similar to Boston bombing

Police investigating the Boston Marathon bombing drew heavily on the vast amount of video data from the scene to build their case. The latest video analytic approaches could have helped speed the investigation even further says Dr James Orwell, leader of the Visual Surveillance Research Group at the Digital Imaging Research Centre at Kingston University

Lasers zoom in on 3D precision

A team of Scotland-based physicists has developed laser technology to the extent that high-resolution, 3D images, precise to the millimetre, can be taken from up to a kilometre away

Are you looking at me?

An interactive multi-display system that can tell when you're not paying attention to your computer screen or other operational displays has been developed by scientists at the University of St Andrews

Master stroke from Oxford project

New automated stoke test software from Oxford University spin-out, Brainomix, has been developed to assist doctors in making assessments of strokes in emergency departments


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