Karsten Roth (left) receiving the award from Chris Yates, EMVA president. Credit: EMVA

Karsten Roth wins award for anomaly detection model

19 May 2022

PatchCore, which Roth developed during an internship at Amazon AWS, is an anomaly detection method that outperforms competitor methods for both detection and localisation

Image: whiteMocca/

Cognex Q1 sales up 18%, but signs of growth slowing

06 May 2022

Robert Willett, Cognex CEO, said: 'We are currently hearing from customers that automation projects are taking longer to deploy... because of supply chain challenges'

Credit: Basler

Basler to acquire French distributor i2S

04 May 2022

Basler will purchase a 25.1 per cent stake in i2S on 1 July, and the remaining stake on 1 July 2024

Credit: IDS and Sewts

Robots get to grips with laundry automation

25 April 2022

German start-up Sewts has built a robot cell to automate the process of loading industrial laundry folding machines

Credit: TriEye

Toshiba Teli and TriEye launch SWIR CMOS camera

25 April 2022

TriEye’s Raven SWIR sensor provides HD resolution with a 7µm pixel pitch, and is sensitive over a wavelength range of 0.4µm to 1.6µm

Credit: SWIR Vision Systems

SWIR Vision announces long-range 3D depth sensing

08 April 2022

SWIR Vision Systems is targeting lidar with sub-5 nanosecond sensor response times in its colloidal quantum dot infrared sensors

The system assesses different parts, like these two generators. Credit: Fraunhofer IPK/Larissa Klassen

Stereo scan and AI returns used car parts into service

01 April 2022

A project to scan used car parts to identify those that can be reused is underway. The EIBA project is based on 3D stereo cameras and AI

The lab-based prototype lidar system that the research team built captures megapixel-resolution depth maps using a commercial digital camera. (Image credit: Andrew Brodhead)

New modulator adds time-of-flight to any sensor

31 March 2022

Stanford University researchers say its megahertz modulator could enable megapixel-resolution lidar at a low cost

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Basler and Stemmer up 26% in 2021 despite supply issues

31 March 2022

Both companies expect supply bottlenecks to continue into this year, but are predicting growth nonetheless

Credit: Optronis

Optronis to show semiconductor streak camera in Munich

31 March 2022

Optronis says the semiconductor-based S3C-1 streak camera is a world-first, and will open up applications in plasma research, detonics and microfluidics

From left: Daniel Seiler, CTO André Kasper, and founder Michael Wandelt

Daniel Seiler named CEO of Automation Technology

30 March 2022

Daniel Seiler takes over from co-founder Michael Wandelt, who steps down after 24 years in role

Image: Martial Red/

Datalogic buys AI firm Pekat Vision for €16m

24 March 2022

Czech start-up, Pekat, has developed machine learning and deep learning algorithms to automate processes in manufacturing, transport, and logistics