Impact 11.2

Datalogic has released Impact 11.2, a machine vision software package supporting the latest smart cameras and vision processors


Euresys has introduced a new image processing tool for Open Evision, a suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis

DataMan 5.2 software release

Cognex has announced the DataMan 5.2 software release with expanded tuning and scripting capability, as well as a new test mode for its DataMan 300 and 503 series of barcode readers


Flir has released Flux, an intelligent software platform for use with a Flir video detection system

ANPR software

Vision Components has introduced a high-performance, hardware-independent OEM software package designed for integration into a wide range of surveillance systems

Robot vision communication software

Matrox Imaging has announced new communication software that allows vision systems running Matrox Imaging software to interface directly, over an Ethernet link, with controllers from leading robot vendors including ABB and Fanuc


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