Support for USB 3.0 cameras

Kithara Software, leading innovator for industrial software solutions under Windows, has successfully finished the development of real-time support for USB 3.0

LightSheet Plus for Zyla 4.2

Andor Technology, an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, today announced the launch of LightSheet PLUS for Zyla 4.2

Ticor thermal imaging software

Thermographic services specialist, Ti Thermal Imaging, has developed two software packages which cut thermal imaging engineers' survey and reporting time by 25 per cent

FV-OSR software module

Olympus has launched its FV-OSR software module, enabling users of the FluoView FV1200 microscope easy access to what was previously the domain of only specialised microscopy systems

SDK 5.90

BitFlow has released SDK 5.90, the first production-ready software development kit expressly designed to support the Cyton CXP family of frame grabbers


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