Spinnaker software development kit

Point Grey, a specialist in high-performance digital cameras for industrial and scientific applications, has introduced its new Spinnaker software development kit (SDK) to simplify and accelerate the creation of new vision applications


The EyeVision software by EVT now also supports a 3D laser triangulation sensor with blue laser

CVB 2016 Service Pack 1

Stemmer Imaging has released the latest version of its Common Vision Blox (CVB) machine vision software library. CVB 2016 Service Pack 1

Perception Studio - New Release 1.7

Perception Park has introduced the latest release of its Perception Studio. Beside various optimisation, a lot of new functionality for hyperspectral data acquisition is implemented


The easy-to-use SCANalign image processing solution augments scan systems via ultra-precise calibration of the entire image field

Imager virtual prototype software

FiveFocal and Imatest have partnered to offer customers an innovative workflow where camera and imaging systems are virtually prototyped and characterised before hardware is purchased


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