Recognising imaging's fingerprints

Tom Eddershaw looks at the imaging techniques used in fingerprint recognition systems, and the challenges manufacturers face in deploying the technology

You are the passport

Jessica Rowbury looks at how imaging and machine vision technologies could one day make ticketless air travel a reality

Imaging on guard

Greg Blackman finds that, in order to make security systems effective with video analytics, image quality is of paramount importance

Let the games begin

Rob Coppinger looks at how imaging technology will be employed for security purposes at this year's London Olympics, as well as how it's used at other major events

Staying safe

Greg Blackman looks at some of the surveillance systems monitoring the flow of passengers through airports and metro systems

Intelligent surveillance

Greg Blackman investigates how surveillance applications are using intelligent cameras with onboard video analytics

Vision on guard

Greg Blackman explores how the security market has moved on from analogue CCTV to more sophisticated imaging technologies


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