Senior Engineer - Camera Sensors, Optics, Image Processing, ANPR/OCR


Our history goes back to the invention of ANPR in the early 1980s, with continual ongoing development and world firsts, covering Police, Security, Parking & Enforcement applications. We are now part of Jenoptik, a global leader in imaging and enforcement, and we are looking for a talented and visionary engineer to help develop thenext big thing in ANPR. Every day, millions of vehicle journeys are monitored by our Home Office approved ANPR systems, using advanced and highly capable cameras, illuminators and software. 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition is the cornerstone of our products, but there are many more possibilities within image capture and processing; we’d like you to join our friendly team to help find and exploit them.

You’re likely to have an enthusiastic interest in cameras & optics with a sound understanding of the science behind imaging and the electronics necessary to realise world-leading products. You’ll also have a deep understanding of CCD and CMOS sensor technology, lenses and LED light sources. A working knowledge of image processing, feature/object detection and ANPR/OCR is essential. 


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