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Strike a pose

Greg Blackman finds that being able to view an object in 3D is providing much needed information for object inspection and positioning

Driving developments

Modern automotive production is highly automated, with robots and machines carrying out complicated tasks at every step of the process. Stephen Mounsey discovers how machine vision makes this automation possible, and how it can trace parts through the entire process

A bumper harvest

Greg Blackman looks at where machine vision is finding uses in agriculture and for grading and sorting foodstuffs

A global eye on vision

Warren Clark looks at the strategies employed by Sony's Image Sensing Solutions Europe division and what it means to operate as part of a multinational company

Staying safe

Greg Blackman looks at some of the surveillance systems monitoring the flow of passengers through airports and metro systems

Solutions at all levels

Warren Clark tracks the history of SVS-Vistek, a German manufacturer, distributor and system consultant in the machine vision industry

More than a machine

Greg Blackman looks at the use of vision in robotic systems in both academia and industry

End-to-end action

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at some of the new imaging connectivity protocols due for release later this year

On a different wavelength

Greg Blackman on how imaging in the infrared and ultraviolet, along with other non-visible parts of the spectrum, is being used to solve some unique inspection challenges

Infrared endeavours

Warren Clark explores how Belgian company Xenics has carved out a niche in the field of infrared cameras

Go with the flow

Greg Blackman looks at the infiltration of machine vision technology into the traffic sector

Timing is everything

Greg Blackman investigates where embedded systems are being used in vision applications to deliver real-time performance

Faster than the eye can see

Machine vision suppliers are eyeing up high-speed imaging, which can resolve events that are too quick to see, according to Stephen Mounsey

Drug tracking

Greg Blackman tracks the packaging lines for chemicals and pharmaceuticals and finds out where and how machine vision plays a role

A winning team

Warren Clark talks to Adimec, a Dutch company celebrating success in this year's Vision Award

Looking for a fight

Stephen Mounsey investigates the development of low-light and thermal imaging devices for military applications

Keeping it lean

The success of Vision Components is down to innovation and clever use of outsourcing, as Warren Clark discovers

Investment in IP pays off

Warren Clark looks at the rise of Pleora Technologies, a company instrumental in establishing the GigE Vision standard through its work on transporting video over IP

Imaging at fever pitch

With the number of reported cases continuing to rise, Swine flu remains a global concern. Greg Blackman looks at the use of thermal imaging for fever screening, which is growing in demand due to the swine flu pandemic

AI can see clearly now

Industrial robots are able to accomplish a diverse selection of tasks, but giving them vision presents some interesting challenges in itself, as Stephen Mounsey finds out

20 years of growth

Warren Clark charts the course of Allied Vision Technologies'
20 years in the vision industry

In the can

Greg Blackman looks at some of the machine vision applications in food processing, from the high-speed environment of canning and bottling to inspection in bakeries

In stereo

Stephen Mounsey looks into the depths of the z-axis to report on 3D imaging techniques

Vision in gear

Greg Blackman investigates some of the areas where machine vision is used in automotive manufacture

Intelligent surveillance

Greg Blackman investigates how surveillance applications are using intelligent cameras with onboard video analytics

Scanning the surface

Greg Blackman looks at how surface inspection systems are being used to detect defects and monitor the quality of products such as paper, wood and textiles

A packaged solution

LMI Technologies has quickly established itself as a 'system in a box' supplier of vision solutions, as John Murphy discovers

Scanning the market

Area scan and line scan cameras offer two very different options to integrators. Gemma Church explores these differences and discovers which cameras are best suited to particular applications

Automatic number crunching

Greg Blackman investigates the applications of automatic number plate recognition, along with other uses of machine vision technology for monitoring our roads

Under the microscope

Greg Blackman looks at the need for automated image analysis in scientific research, among other scientific applications of imaging technology

Blink and you'll miss it

High-speed cameras are finding uses in an increasing number of applications, not least to provide spectacular footage on our television sets. Greg Blackman sets about explaining the technology

Multicore image processing

Gemma Church looks at how image processing is taking advantage of multicore computing to increase processing speeds

The eyes have it

Fingerprints and irises provide a unique reference point to verify a person's identity in security and access control applications. Greg Blackman looks at the uses of biometric measurements

CMOS gains ground

Warren Clark charts the march of the CMOS sensor as it continues to steal ground from its CCD rival