Vision Yearbook 2016/2017

Engineers of tomorrow

Greg Blackman investigates the initiatives the machine vision sector is undertaking to inspire the next generation of engineers

Is flexibility the key to a smart future?

The challenges of either building a full system or integrating machine vision on the factory floor are numerous. How is it best to work around legacy systems, in constrained spaces, and feed accurate information back to computers to guide automated robots? Rob Ashwell investigates

Seeing the smart future

Torsten Zoeller, senior marketing communications manager for Cognex, Europe, discusses the requirements for smart cameras in facilitating factories of the future

Seeing the smart future

Michele Leoni, senior product manager, machine vision at Datalogic, discusses product traceability for the next generation of factories

Seeing the smart future

Greg Hollows, director of the Imaging Business Unit at Edmund Optics, looks at the growing divide between sensor technology and optical design, and how the imaging community can address this to build better vision systems

Seeing the smart future

Markus Burgstaller, CEO and head of R&D at Perception Park, believes that hyperspectral imaging could revolutionise industrial manufacturing. Here he outlines what he thinks is needed to bring the technology onto the factory floor

Seeing the smart future

Max Larin, CEO of Ximea, says that recent technology advances in imaging components has opened up new applications for hyperspectral imaging, enabling smart production in a number of industries

Ten years of GenICam

GenICam is now 10 years old. Christoph Zierl, technical director at MVTec Software and vice-chair of marketing and operations of the GenICam standard group, discusses the achievements and future development of the machine vision standard

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