Europe and US under the spotlight

Manufacturing across the globe has been hit hard in recent years and machine vision companies have had to diversify to stay profitable. Three industry bodies - the EMVA, VDMA and AIA - share their views on the current state of the vision market and the important developments taking place in Europe and North America that could ultimately affect vision firms

State of play

What are the key talking points for the vision industry as we move into 2014? We asked a number of industry experts for their views on the current state of the industry and the year ahead

Stories to tell - marking our 50th issue

Imaging and Machine Vision Europe is celebrating its 50th issue, a milestone that represents around a decade of reporting on the machine vision market. To mark the occasion, we've asked senior industry figures to recount their favourite moments from the last 10 years of working in the industry

The year ahead

Warren Clark canvasses opinion from leading names in the industry on the future of the vision market