April/May 2015

End of the line for the CCD?

Sony has decided to discontinue its line of CCD sensors. Pierre Cambou at Yole Dėveloppement assesses what the move means for machine vision camera suppliers

Vision in lane

Jessica Rowbury looks at the latest vision technology for ITS, including a system for monitoring six lanes of traffic

Cabling conundrum

Greg Blackman on the advances being made in machine vision cabling solutions, including the technology that forms the basis of the Camera Link HS interface standard

Safety first

Flir Systems' thermal imaging technology is finding its way into a huge number of applications outside military and security, from medicine to the company's iPhone attachment, as Beth Harlen discovers

Recognising imaging's fingerprints

Tom Eddershaw looks at the imaging techniques used in fingerprint recognition systems, and the challenges manufacturers face in deploying the technology

A code-free zone

MVTec is the latest software company to introduce a platform for building machine vision applications without programming. Greg Blackman explores why software ease-of-use is such a big issue

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