April/May 2012

Setting standards

The buzz at last year's Vision show in Stuttgart concerned USB3 Vision, a new machine vision standard based on USB 3.0. Greg Blackman looks at how it will fit into the connectivity landscape

Entrepreneurial spirit

Warren Clark speaks to Julie Busby who founded vision distributor Multipix Imaging 15 years ago this year

Stories to tell - marking our 50th issue

Imaging and Machine Vision Europe is celebrating its 50th issue, a milestone that represents around a decade of reporting on the machine vision market. To mark the occasion, we've asked senior industry figures to recount their favourite moments from the last 10 years of working in the industry

Space race

Greg Blackman investigates how robots like Robonaut 2 and the Mars rovers are using imaging to operate in and explore outer space

Let the games begin

Rob Coppinger looks at how imaging technology will be employed for security purposes at this year's London Olympics, as well as how it's used at other major events

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