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From the very large to the very small, Ximea (booth 5187) is expanding its camera families with multiple new sCMOS sensors from Gpixel, which will be on display at the show. The CB262 camera model is equipped with a high-speed PCIe interface to handle the output of the 26 megapixel sensor running at up to 150fps.

The CB654 camera model has the world’s highest resolution global shutter sensor with a small 3.2µm pixel size and embedded HDR modes. The 65 megapixel camera delivers 85fps for applications where resolution and speed are needed simultaneously.

For special scientific fields like astronomy, x-ray imaging, and electron microscopy where very large sensors are required, the MX377 camera model will offer 37-megapixel resolution with a 61 x 61mm sensor format. Both front- and back-side illumination models will be available.

Last but not least, Ximea will introduce the new USB3 sub-miniature camera with 18 megapixel sensor measuring only 15 x 15mm in size.