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Ximea (booth 4459) will be exhibiting its expanded XiC camera line with additional USB3 models. The cameras are now equipped with Sony’s IMX252 Pregius sensor, offering 3.1 megapixel at 122fps, and IMX250 providing 5 megapixel at 76fps. The new models offer a small form factor of only 26 x 26 x 33mm and a weight of 38 grams. The power requirements are as low as 3W, allowing the cameras to be bus-powered directly through a USB3 cable. The small heat dissipation can be further rectified by attaching a special tripod bracket from Ximea.

Ximea will also present its new PCI Express CMIS camera models. The PCIe interface allows the cameras to stream data at speeds from 20Gb/s to 64Gb/s up to a distance 300m using fibre, without the need of expensive frame grabbers or special software. The resolutions range from 4k to 8k and are enhanced with an integrated interface that is compatible with a Canon EF-mount lens, allowing remote control of aperture, focus and image stabilisation.