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Vieworks will present its latest time delay integration (TDI) line scan cameras. Seven new cameras will be shown, with resolutions of 9k, 12k, 16k and 18k, and Camera Link and CoaXPress interfaces. The cameras reach a speed of 250kHz line rate and offer up to 64 stages.

Based on hybrid sensor technology from Vieworks, the new models will offer improved performance and affordability. The sensors combine CCD and CMOS imaging technologies and integrate the best features from both. The underling CMOS structure of the sensors enables high-speed readout, eliminates the need for expensive and complex external circuitry, and lowers the power consumption. By incorporating the CCD pixel array on top, the sensor keeps superior image quality from CCD in terms of signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range. Additionally, the integration process of a TDI camera does not add any noise because it involves the charge transfer.

Vieworks will be giving a presentation on its multi-spectral line scan camera based on hybrid TDI technology.