TruTag Technologies

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TruTag Technologies will be exhibiting its affordable, high-resolution, handheld autonomous hyperspectral camera. The camera is designed for medical imaging, machine vision and quality inspection.

TruTag Technologies Model 4100 is a rugged, handheld instrument with a built-in illumination source. Ideal for field and factory use, it captures a 2D snapshot image of an object, and the spectra at each pixel in the visible from 450nm to 850nm in up to 400 bands in 1nm steps. Users can pan and zoom the image via the colour touch screen display and even view a video of the entire hypercube.

TruTag’s hyperspectral imager is the first device to both capture and process a full multi-megapixel hyperspectral datacube without the need for external processing. It dramatically improves upon existing multispectral imagers, which trade off spectral resolution for spatial resolution. A visible-near IR (450nm to 1,100nm) version will be available shortly.