Tichawa Vision

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Tichawa Vision (1H42) will present its Diamond contact image sensor (CIS) product family, which has a line rate of up to 1,000 kHz. The sensor has a pixel array with powerful signal pre-processing (correlated double sampling, plus on-chip linearisation) and around 1,000 ADC levels with suffixed serialisers. The sensor also has 17 LVDS drivers, each with 622Mb/s of aggregate data rates of over 10 Gbaud.

At web speeds of 21m/s the CIS achieves a resolution of 1,200dpi. The correlated double sampling gives a dynamic range of 60dB.

The company will also show live demonstrations of VTCIS with integrated white balance, and the VDCIS designed for surface inspection of highly profiled objects, which has a working distance of 60mm and a depth of field of 15mm.