Stemmer Imaging

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An ‘embedded lab’ and a ‘future lab’ will be the two main areas on Stemmer Imaging’s stand (1E52). Both will feature hands-on demonstrations highlighting machine learning, embedded vision, 3D applications, hyperspectral imaging and Industry 4.0 connectivity. These will all use functionality provided by Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox machine vision software toolkit.

The CVB Polimago machine learning tool will be shown solving a number of machine learning applications across various industries. Meanwhile, an embedded vision system will show communication between Common Vision Blox and a B&R PLC. All communication between the HMI, motorised controller and the vision system is handled using the CVB OPC UA tool. This allows the vision systems to adopt a common architecture within an OPC UA open standard network and provides platform-independent and OS-independent communications for smart factory applications.

A customer evaluation station for hyperspectral imaging will highlight the latest CVB capabilities for the visualisation of hyperspectral image data cubes and for handling metadata.

Also on show will be the new Ricoh SC-10A human assistance camera system for assembly stations, designed to eliminate errors in manual assembly operations. A set of work instructions can be loaded into the system and displayed on a monitor while the camera scans the work piece. The human operator follows the on-screen assembly instructions and after every action the system compares the result to the correct stored image before the next step can be taken. This reduces errors, helps operators learn new tasks and provides a digital audit trail of all operations.