Pleora Technologies

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Pleora Technologies (booth 4131) will be demonstrating the bandwidth and cabling advantages of its Nbase-T embedded video interface. The Nbase-T specification defines a new type of Ethernet signalling that boosts the speed of Cat 5e cables well beyond the previous limit of 1Gb/s. Pleora’s iPort NTx-NBT embedded video interface provides a cost-effective upgrade path for imaging device designers by supporting faster 5Gb/s transfer of GigE Vision-compliant images over existing Cat 5e cabling in retrofit installations, or inexpensive cabling for new systems. 

While competing approaches require specialised cabling and expensive networking components, the iPort NTx-NBT is a natural evolution for high-performance imaging thanks to its bandwidth flexibility, low-cost field-terminated cabling, multicasting support, and compatibility with existing GigE Vision software. Leading manufacturers have already incorporated Pleora’s Nbase-T technology in X-ray flat panel detectors and machine vision cameras.