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The power of embedded vision will form the focus of Net at the conference, with its GigEPro and Corsight products.

The GigEPro brings together the concept of a GigE Vision camera with an open FPGA processing engine, where standard or custom algorithms can be executed, thus making real-time image pre-processing a reality.

The Corsight product then takes embedded vision to another level and packs an Intel Quad Core CPU and FPGA - with open architecture - into a compact IP67 enclosure. With a choice of area scan and line scan sensors, along with the ability to run custom algorithms, or work with any third-party machine vision library, the Corsight gives vision developer’s power in a compact embedded format. There will be a live label verification demo on Net’s booth, showcasing the line scan version of the smart camera.

Tim Miller from Net will also give a presentation on GigE Vision and FPGA processing, the Open Camera concept.