MVTec Software

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MVTec Software will be showcasing its newest technologies at Vision. Visitors can experience highlights of the latest Halcon and Merlic software releases in informative demonstrations on texture inspection, matching, deep learning, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Halcon 13 is now even more robust when it comes to recognising bar codes and data codes, even when they are damaged, occluded, or incomplete. The performance of shape-based matching has also been improved, and a new feature for user-friendly texture inspection has been added. Enhanced functions for optical character recognition (OCR) based on deep learning technologies are also included in the new release.

In demonstrative live sessions, MVTec experts will discuss the ‘Debugging of HDevEngine’ Halcon 13 feature. The presentation will explain how developers can use HDevEngine in HDevelop to locate and fix programming bugs in the machine vision section of their C# or C++ application. The new feature simplifies processes for programmers of machine vision applications, resulting in savings in time, cost, and effort. An intermission demonstration will also show three-dimensional augmented reality scenarios using 3D vision technologies.