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Microscan, will be showcasing its MicroHawk barcode reader and smart camera platform, as well as its LVS verification solutions.

MicroHawk offers Microscan’s range of software and hardware options on a small smart camera suite. It offers scalability to perform basic to high-performance auto ID, as well as simple to advanced machine vision. The MicroHawk family includes a fully-integrated imaging engine and three industrial-rated miniature imagers.

With the release of AutoVision 4.0, Microscan has added more powerful features to its machine vision technology portfolio. For example, the Circle Measure Tool measures the radius of a circle when inspecting features like drill holes and apertures, and the Color tools detect, identify, and match coloured objects such as test tube caps, PCB components, or features in automotive dashboard displays.

On Microscan’s booth, visitors can also try the LVS barcode and print quality verifiers, which provide both an online and offline verification of codes (symbols and text) printed on labels and packaging.