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Micro-Epsilon UK will introduce its new 3D surface inspection system for defect detection and for inspecting the aesthetic appearance of non-reflecting (matt, unpainted, plastic and bare metal) surfaces.

The SurfaceControl system gives fast, reliable 100 per cent surface inspection and can be integrated directly into processing or assembly lines, or on robots. The system is based on the principles of deflectometry and fringe projection, which means even small surface defects, such as scratches, dents and bumps, can to be recognised. It also can give information on surface aesthetics, such as form, shape and waviness.

The system is able to detect and quantify the dimensions of surface defects, even to single microns, in an inline industrial environment. Its measurement capability and ease of integration for both offline and inline environments, has opened up new opportunities for automated visual inspection, which is not possible with current industrial 3D vision technology. Applications are being solved in the aerospace and automotive industries, medical parts production, domestic appliances, consumer electronics and hand held devices.

The sensor, which is based on the fringe projection principle, scans the surface and generates a 3D point cloud. It is designed to inspect diffuse surfaces, such as metallic surfaces, plastic surfaces and ceramics.