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Lumenera will present the soon-to-be-released Lt29059 USB 3.0 camera at Vision. Built with a high resolution 35mm format CCD sensor with a fully global electronic shutter, the Lt29059 captures excellent quality, high-resolution images with zero blur. The camera provides high smear rejection and dynamic range and is built for rugged 24/7 use. A completely integrated Canon EF lens controller offers increased longevity and durability with no external cabling required.

The compact, lightweight design of the Lt29059 ensures easy integration into tight spaces and enclosures. The robust enclosure is designed to dissipate heat effectively and increase reliability by avoiding the need for a fan. The CCD sensor provides both monochrome and vivid colour images for the most demanding environments, whereas the industrial-grade Lt29059 is ideally suited for applications requiring high resolution – such as intelligent traffic systems, high-resolution industrial inspection, surveillance and UAVs.