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Kowa will introduce a new 2/3 inch 3MP lens series with six focal lengths from 8mm to 50mm at the show. Other new products include an F-mount 28mm lens, a range of telecentric lenses and IR-corrected 2/3 inch 5MP lenses with focal lengths of 16, 25 and 35mm.

In the last two years, Kowa has released 1 and 2/3 inch ruggedised lenses made for use in high vibration and high shock environments. All internal glass elements of these series are glued. A two-way reversible nut is used to lock the focus adjustment ring in place tightly. Interchangeable iris plates which can be glued are used to select the F-stop.

Kowa plans to introduce ruggedised versions of series with other image sizes as well in the next one-to-two years.