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Jenoptik will premiere a miniature diagnostic imaging platform called Syions. The platform can generate various types of image data from in-vitro diagnostic devices for use in scientific and clinical settings. It is designed for live cell imaging, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics.

The modular system combines Jenoptik components such as LED illumination, optical elements, digital cameras and auto-focus, as well as X/Y scanners, electronics, and software. The system is built for easy integration into the software environment of medical or laboratory devices.

Moreover, with Jenoptik’s own modular software, work processes can be performed across various operating systems. For instance, the platform can help automate cell or tissue sample examination.

Jenoptik will be presenting the first version of its modular diagnostic imaging platform at SPIE Bios at stand 8513 and at SPIE Photonics West at stand 1023.

Jenoptik will also display its new 25mm f/2, 400-1,700nm hyperspectral lens, which maximises the performance of many popular shortwave infrared and hyperspectral cameras. A broad spectral range of 400-1,700nm combined with an adjustable diaphragm makes the new lens very versatile.

The standard product lens will enhance image processing across medicine, industrial inspection, surveillance, and law enforcement applications.