Irida Labs

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Irida Labs (3A-549) will display EVLib, a deep learning-based software library. The software consists of CNN models optimised to power AI on edge devices such as cameras, IoT devices and embedded CPUs.

The software has more than 100 learning models that are pre-trained for accuracy, speed and low power performance. The runtime models are optimised for Arm-based CPU platforms or GPU acceleration.

Library functions include: anonymiser (blurring of people in order to remove sensitive data for GDPR); people or vehicle detection and counting; soft biometrics (male or female, age group, etc); and 2D/3D object detection and tracking.

EVLib also offers specific object detection like food recognition, product catalogue recognition, and others. Pre-trained models can be extended for custom object detection or specific scenario and tracking using additional data.

Irida Labs will also have a smart parking demo on its partner booths, Arrow (4A-340) and Analog Devices (4A-641), while a tool for visually inspecting a shopping basket in order to detect and count different retail products will be shown on the booths of NXP (4A-220), Basler (2-550), and Congatec (1-358).