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Imec will be displaying its short-wave infrared (SWIR) image sensors based on thin-film photodiode (TFPD) pixel stacks.

By using organic and quantum dot materials, Imec envisions pixel arrays that are sensitive to wavelengths from the visible to infrared (up to 2 µm) spectrum. Imec’s activity spans from material screening and stack development, to pixel and readout design, full fabrication flow including wafer-level processing in the CMOS fab, and camera assembly and characterisation.

Imec’s TFPD image sensors have a compact form factor with a pixel pitch of single micrometres. Different pixel stacks for the infrared range have been demonstrated, with focus on the 940nm, 1,450nm and 1,550nm wavelengths. The institute’s readout IC has a dedicated pixel engine for new types of thin-film photodiodes and a fab-compatible interface designed for thin-film integration. The pixel stack is optimised for each wavelength and can be patterned with photolithography on pixel level.

Imec will also show its video-rate snapshot mosaic SWIR hyperspectral camera, and the mobile version of its Snapscan VNIR hyperspectral camera.