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IDS will be showing the new IDS NXT Rio and Rome families of intelligent cameras, and the Ensenso XR series of stereo 3D cameras. The company will also be making two technical presentations at the conference, on vision-guided robot picking applications, and the potential of cameras with on-board processing to reduce the need for large volume data transfer.

The Rio and Rome cameras can be used as high performance standard industrial cameras, or users can take advantage of extended applications based on vision apps and on-camera neural networks. Pre-trained artificial neural networks of different architectures can be loaded directly onto the cameras to solve AI vision tasks with inference times of only a few milliseconds.

The Ensenso XR 3D cameras feature on-board processing for calculating 3D point clouds, with data transmission via Ethernet or WiFi. This gives faster 3D point cloud generation, less strain on network bandwidth and a reduced computing load on the host PC. This allows faster clock rates for applications such as bin picking.