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IDS will show the new NXT vision app-based cameras and sensors for the first time in the UK. Also on show will be the Ensenso X series of 3D stereo cameras featuring 5-megapixel Sony IMX264 CMOS sensors and GPU-based image processing.

IDS NXT Vegas is the first product of a new device family. With an integrated 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, an integrated liquid lens, autofocus, LED illumination and a time of flight sensor for distance measurement, it is fully equipped for many different image processing tasks.

The Ensenso X 3D GigE camera system provides up to 20 per cent wider field of view, 35 per cent greater lateral resolution, and almost 30 per cent lower noise compared to earlier versions. With the new Ensenso SDK 2.2, stereo matching can now be supported by a graphics card. Using the GPU accelerates the processing by about five times, depending on the parameterisation.

At the conference, Peter Dietrich will present on 3D vision and how 3D data can be combined with 2D information. A second talk will cover how standards define procedures for measuring key performance parameters of a camera or camera system.