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Jools Hudson from Gardasoft will give a presentation illustrating the cause of poor results in machine vision because of variations in LED output intensity. The talk will also cover the ability of dedicated lighting controllers to reduce hardware costs and enable new application opportunities in both area scan and line scan imaging.

There will also be the opportunity to see multiple lighting schemes from Gardasoft in operation at the exhibition. The CC320 Trigger Timing Controller will be on show, linked to multiple lights and a single camera. The controller can be configured to send trigger outputs to each light to turn them on and off in sequence. The controller also triggers the camera for each lighting pulse, allowing the acquisition of a sequence of different images from the same object using a single camera.

This approach can also be used in line scan applications where the information from different illumination sources can be captured on sequential lines on a single line scan camera, and individual images for each illumination source extracted using image processing software.