Frankfurt Laser Company

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Frankfurt Laser Company (booth 145, Bios 8145) will present the ML2040-series of line laser modules, delivering output power of up to 2W. The lasers are supplied in wavelengths ranging from 450nm to 1,060nm.

Apart from round and line beam, other beam shapes like grids, circles, or line and dot arrays are available. The line beam has a sharp rectangular shape with homogenous power distribution along the line. The housing is electrically isolated and adheres to protection class IP65 (IP67 optional). TTL and analogue modulation are available, and the power stability is less than 1 per cent over 24 hours.

Also on display will be laser diode modules from the Haml-F series, ideal for machine vision, especially in 3D vision systems. The lasers are compact, reliable and the focus can be adjusted easily by rotating the upper part by hand. Additionally, the lasers fulfil IP67 requirements, which make them the right product for use in production facilities.