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A range of technology will be on show from Framos, ranging from sensors to complete systems.

The new LED Effi-Lase V2 projectors from Effilux are a simple, alternative solution to lasers. They are ideal for applications such as 3D triangulation, positioning and stereovision, and will be featured in a live demo at the booth. Framos will also present the Euresys Coaxlink Quad 3D-LLE in a live demo. 

Also on display will be: Smartek Visions’ Twentynine series, which combines either USB3 Vision or GigE Vision with the latest CMOS sensors in a miniature housing; the Emergent HR series for high-speed applications, with a 10GigE interface offering 338fps at 2 megapixels or 32fps at 20 megapixels; and the PCIe 3.0 CoaXPress frame grabber with four camera connections, which generates 3D maps with 16-bit colour depth in real time.