First Light Imaging

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First Light Imaging will be displaying its range of infrared SWIR and visible cameras at the show. The company’s C-Red One is an electron-initiated avalanche photodiode camera with a 320 x 256 pixel MCT sensor. The SWIR camera provides 3,500 images per second for a sub-electron read out noise, ideal for high-end scientific applications. Philippe Feautrier, scientific advisor at First Light Imaging, will give a presentation about the C-Red One on 13 April at 9.40am.

Also on display will be the C-Red 2, First Light Imaging’s high speed, low-noise InGaAs 640 x 512 pixel camera. The model offers up to 400fps full frame and 10 to 30 electrons read out noise for industrial and biomedical applications.
Finally, the company’s Ocam2K and Ocam2S visible cameras will be shown. These have a 240 x 240 pixel EMCCD sensor, and offer 2,000 images per second for a sub-electron read out noise, especially designed for scientific applications.