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Excelitas (booth 1441) will be showcasing several new high-performance optoelectronics products, including the Optem Fusion micro-inspection lens system from Qioptiq.

Redesigned to meet the growing need for shortwave infrared (SWIR) sensors for machine vision, the lens system now provides true polychromatic imaging performance across the key visible (400nm-700nm), NIR (700nm-1,100nm) and SWIR (900nm–1,700nm) wavebands.

The Optem Fusion SWIR lens system uses field-proven mechanics, flexible optics and modular components to provide an optical platform that addresses a wide range of industries. It is designed to reduce the complexities, long development cycles and high costs that can be associated with custom imaging solutions.

The lens system features various camera tube lenses and supports all SWIR cameras currently available. It can also be adapted to exotic cameras, thanks to the large number of standard camera adapters. Zoom and focus operation can be motorised to enable fully automated inspection solutions.