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EVT (1A63) will present the latest features of its EyeVision 3D software. The package contains commands for inspecting glue, adhesive beads, and weld seams, as well as for bin-picking. The core competence of EyeVision 3D is 3D pin inspection for recognising flaw, such as those in the pin height or true point.

EyeVision can now control and communicate with UR robots with only a single command. Robot control and image evaluation can be carried out using EyeVision for tasks such as bin picking or thermal imaging.

EVT will also be displaying its RazerCam ZLS smart line scan camera, with optional Zynq or Myriad 2 deep learning processor. The FPGA is freely programmable under Linux, available with Power over Ethernet (PoE), automatic shading correction and is capable of multi-data streaming. The line scan camera can be also converted into a matrix camera – the RazerCam ZM has a matrix sensor from Sony.

Finally, EVT will show the Saturn laser triangulation sensor with 1kHz resolution. The sensor is available with red and blue laser versions, and is also GenICam compatible.