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EVT will be displaying its EyeVision software with graphical user interface. EyeVision has commands to solve image processing applications such as pattern matching, object detection, 3D and colour inspection, code reading, OCR and OCV, robot guidance, bin-picking, metrology, and thermal imaging, among others.

EyeVision also has a parallel processing function for running inspection programs using several 2D cameras and 3D sensors. Other new tools in EyeVision include: a program for 3D bin-picking that recognises the shape and position of an object; a profile scanner called ProfileMatch that can measure image profiles and check for errors, such as holes in weld seams; and the 3D unrolling command that straightens 3D point cloud images of tilt-scans.

EVT also now offers a deep learning software tool, called VECID, for number plate recognition and identifying the make and model of cars.