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EVT will exhibit its EyeVision 3D software for its EyeScan 3D sensors. The software supports the sensors for techniques such as laser triangulation, time-of-flight or fringe projection. A laser triangulation sensor will be shown that scans connectors for missing, bent or otherwise faulty pins.

The EyeVision software has multiple commands in its graphical user interface that carry out measurements and evaluations directly on the point cloud. With the drag-and-drop programming function, the user can create an inspection program entirely without programming skills. This is also true also for the use of the 3D commands.

EVT will also demonstrate EyeVision Thermo, a software version which can measure the temperature of an object. EyeVision Thermo is extremely useful for non-destructive quality inspection and has the same graphical user interface as other EyeVision software.