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Emberion (booth 4365) will show new nanotechnology-based infrared detectors for the visible to shortwave infrared (VIS-SWIR) wavelength range. It will present a linear array for spectroscopy and a single pixel detector module with digital output.

The company is developing a VGA imager suitable for night and machine vision as well as hyperspectral imaging, and a linear array (1 x 512 pixels) detector for spectroscopy. These VIS-SWIR arrays have a competitive cost structure compared to existing products, thus enabling wider adoption of sensor and imaging technologies in existing and emerging application areas.

Additionally, Emberion is developing an ultra-sensitive uncooled bolometer array for thermal imaging, which has a competitive thermal resolution and sensitivity comparable to current cooled detector performance.

Emberion’s nanotechnology-based uncooled single-pixel VIS-SWIR detectors provide superior responsivity with low noise over a broad spectral range (initially 400-1,600nm) on a single detector chip. The sensors are suitable for various applications including chemical and gas sensing, portable material analysis solutions, and optical power meters.