Delta Optical Thin Film

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Delta Optical Thin Film (B1/638) will display its continuously variable bandpass filters (CVBPFs) for mid-size and full-frame CCD and CMOS sensors. These filters offer very high transmission and are fully blocked in the light-sensitive wavelength range of silicon-based detectors.

The combination of CVBPFs with silicon detectors allows manufacturers to design compact, robust and affordable hyperspectral imaging cameras that offer several benefits over conventional approaches based on prisms or gratings as dispersive elements. Using CVBPFs can give a much larger aperture compared to grating- and prism-based systems; they give higher transmission, short measurement time, high suppression of stray light, and excellent signal-to-background noise ratio. They can also provide simultaneous 3D measurements and a snapshot capability using a micro-lens array.

The new optical approach makes hyperspectral imaging attractive for volume markets or even consumer products, for example, cancer detection, precision farming, and food testing in supermarkets.