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CCS (#8559) will exhibit multiple lighting technologies, including its open-architecture illumination system for multi-shot imaging solutions, SWIR technology, a new series of plug-and-play lighting, and OLED technology for machine vision.

In particular, CCS will highlight its LSS series for computational imaging. The modules include lights, controller, and software for multi-shot image capture in a structured format. The technology delivers clear images in less time and at lower cost.

CCS will also showcase the EL series, a range of lighting solutions from its member group Effilux. These lights feature customisable components for a solution built to users’ exact application needs. Notable EL products to be featured at the trade fair include IP-rated lighting, SWIR, and pattern projectors.

In addition, CCS will feature the OLF series of OLED flat lights, bright organic LED lights for image processing. The lights have a slim design and produce high output and uniformity. New releases like the LFXV flat dome lights, which achieve a sharp image using a new guiding plate, will also be on display.