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BitFlow will be highlighting its CoaXPress expertise, as well as showing some of its latest products. The company’s latest CoaXPress frame grabber, the Aon-CXP, will be on display. The Aon-CXP is a low-cost single-link CoaXPress frame grabber that supports one CXP-6 camera. This complements the Cyton CXP family for cameras with one to four links while using the same BitFlow cross interface SDK.

Also on display will be the Axion-CL, BitFlow’s sixth generation Camera Link frame grabber combining the power of CoaXPress with the requirements of Camera Link 2.0, as well as the BitBox industrial I/O box, driven by a high-speed cable connected to a BitFlow frame grabber. The BitBox is compatible with the Axion-CL frame grabbers and Cyton-CXP frame grabbers.