ATD Electronique

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ATD Electronique has several demonstrations at its booth 3A-539. One is the Macnica EasyMVC camera interface SLVS-EC Rx IP, equipped with the new Sony high-speed sensor IMX530. The interface is supported by SLVS-EC v2.0 IP onto an Intel Cyclone 10GX platform.

A second demo includes the Sony sensor IMX299 with SLVS-EC v1.2 IP, also from Macnica, demonstrated on a Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale platform.

Further demonstrations include the miniature CMOS image sensor Naneye M, and the new global shutter image sensor CSG14K for machine vision and AOI applications supporting the 1-inch optical format from Ams.

In addition, ATD Electronique has organised a series of presentations in a separate conference room at the trade show. Highlights are speeches from Macnica about SLVS-EC IP solutions; Sony, with inside information on the new Sony SWIR sensors; and Ams, with talks about small camera modules, applications and integration as well as new NIR enhanced sensors. A small contingent of seats is available upon email request through