AP Technologies

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AP Technologies will exhibit LC-Tec Display’s range of liquid crystal optical technologies, including fast optical shutters (FOS), fast polarisation modulators (FPM), variable polarisation rotators (VPR), and variable neutral density filters.

Liquid crystal-based optical components enable intensity modulation and polarisation control of transmitted light by simply adjusting the voltage of an applied electric field. LC-based components offer fast switching, small footprint, and extremely reliable operation, making them suited for image quality enhancement in machine vision applications.

Liquid crystal shutters with 30µs closing times are ideal for high speed camera applications at 540fps, while the high contrast (120k:1) version is used in laser welding and cutting monitoring systems. Polarisation imaging systems can be greatly simplified, reducing cost and size by replacing multiple cameras with a single camera and an LC polarisation controller.

New for 2017, AP Technologies will be introducing flexible variable neutral density filter technology designed for smart eyewear and augmented reality applications.