AP Technologies

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AP Technologies will be exhibiting liquid crystal (LC)-based fast optical shutters, fast polarisation modulators, variable polarisation rotators and variable neutral density filters.

The LC components have many applications in machine vision to control intensity and polarisation, enabling optimisation of image quality under varying conditions.

Shutters consist of a polarisation modulator in the form of an LC cell positioned between two crossed polarisers. Applying the drive voltage rotates the polarisation of light passing through the LC cell, changing the transmittance of light through the shutter. Typical peak transmission is 40 per cent with contrast ratios from 1,000:1 to 120,000:1. Analogue greyscale operation between open and closed states is possible with voltage amplitude modulation.

Polarisation modulators and rotators use the liquid crystal characteristics to control the polarisation the transmitted light, replacing multiple fixed polarisers with a single component.